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Where to Buy Custom Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands have been around for decades, but their popularity has really soared in the last ten years to the point that it is hard to find a home that doesn′t have at least a few of these neat little fashion items around. Silicone wristbands display everything from business logos to motivational phrases and are seen all over the media from celebrities like Stephen Colbert and they are often attached to fundraising drives for causes like breast cancer.  

Silicone wristbands are also inexpensive and attractive meaning that more people are wanting to use them for their own groups, businesses, or causes. They are everywhere and they are only growing more popular. 

You may have seen silicone wristbands around and even thought that you would like to have them to advertise your business, support your team, promote your group, or even as a personal item for your family or friends. But, you may not know where you can get them. Here are some of the best places and ways to get your own custom silicone wristbands:

Local Vendors.  Chances are that there are several retailers that sell silicone wristbands near you. These can be very convenient, but there are some major drawbacks to purchasing them from local retailers. The first is that they tend to cost more because they are being sold at retail price rather than the wholesale price you can get from several other places.

Another drawback is that these are unlikely to be very customizable. Some retailers may offer different colors and to deboss or emboss their bands with your chosen phrases, but these options are limited. They typically have a selection of premade colors you have to pick from and, if they even offer custom messages, they are usually very limited as to how you can customize the look and feel of the text.

That said, local vendors are certainly an option in a pinch, but they may not be your best source for getting what you really want for the best price.

Wholesale Companies.  These are a great option for the price because wholesale companies often offer a great deal on bulk orders. The downside is that sometimes those bulk orders have to be fairly large and these are typically designed and marketed specifically to those intending to resell them.

Wholesale companies also have the same issue as retailers in that they often offer a lot less options for customizing, requiring you to select from a limited, predetermined set of colors, designs, and fonts to create your wristbands.

Wholesalers are a good option if you′ve got a fairly simple design and want to order hundreds of wristbands at a single time, especially if your intention is to mark up the price and make a profit from your bands. If you′re wanting a smaller order and/or something with a more personal touch, then going through a wholesaler is probably not your best option.

Auction Sites.  Online sites such as ebay.com or etsy.com are an excellent place to find some really unique and attractive silicone bands that come in a variety of different styles with different embellishments that can range from minor to really elaborate. There are several downsides to ordering from auctions sites, however.

First, auction sites tend to be a lot more expensive because more detail is put into each bracelet. There is an artisan feel to a lot of them and therefore the price reflects that. This also means that they are very difficult for using in order to make a profit or for fundraising because you are already paying the market value.

Second, the customization options are usually very limited, usually based on color or overall design only, if there are any at all. They also do not typically allow personalization or your own messages.

Third, most of the auction orders are not meant for bulk purchases, but rather single items or small batches of about 10 wristbands. This can make it difficult when trying to purchase them for a group or organization, and certainly hinders the attempts to make a profit from them, as mentioned above.

Online Sellers.  Online sellers  like Order Silicone Bracelets are probably the best option for purchasing silicone wristbands. This is because they offer a lot of customization options that allow you to pick the design, to choose from any color you want, to design your text or upload your own logos or images and get the exact look that you really want. The choices that you have with online sellers are unrivaled and you often get the option to see the way that your wristbands are going to look before you ever even purchase them, which gives you the opportunity to get a good visual of your design and make sure that your wristbands are perfect. They usually have customer service options and helpful information right there at your fingertips and you can order any time of day or even in your pajamas!

On top of their vast customization options, they are almost always cheaper than the other choices, giving you wholesale prices for the wristbands without limiting your options for customization. Many online sellers offer discounts for larger bulk orders, which is another way they stand out among the others because they often allow for a smaller and larger bulk orders, enabling you to buy exactly how many you need for your group.

Last, they are usually very quick and you can often place your order and receive your wristbands, custom-made to exactly your specifications, within just a few days. This makes them great even at the last minute and you still get the kind of product that is going to wow everyone you show them to.

No matter where or how you choose to get your custom silicone wristbands, they are becoming the most popular, fun, and attractive way to get your message or your sense of style across to a wide range of different people.  


Posted on November 7,2013 by admin
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